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Malaika Arora beats the stressful mental tension with Gomukhasana, Yoga’s Cow Face Pose

Malaika Arora encourages fans to practice Gomukhasana or Yoga’s Cow Face Pose, shares the steps and benefits of the “great pose for relieving stress and mental tension”.

Hitting the Covid-19 blues on the day of Holi is no excuse to skip your daily workout and Malaika Arora serves as the perfect motivation for Monday when she performed Gomukhasana or Yoga’s Cow Face Pose, a sitting asana that is sometimes used for meditation. Malaika encouraged fans to practice gomukhasana and even shared the steps and benefits of the “great pose for relieving stress and mental tension”.

Malaika took care of her social media this Monday as it has been her weekly routine since the Covid-19 lockdown last year. Malaika put on a blue and black sports bra in combination with similar colored tights and made the athleisure look clear as she sat on a yoga mat with her eyes closed and gave fans a glimpse into her intense training session.

“Happy Holi everyone! It is a colorful festival full of happiness and love. Remember to be safe and take all necessary precautions while you enjoy your day, ”shared Malaika in the caption. Revealing the benefits of the exercise, she added, “This week is about Gomukhasana, or Cow Face Pose. This posture helps relieve tension in the hips and lower back. As it stretches the chest and opens the shoulders, it increases the range of motion for shoulder joints. It’s a great pose for relieving stress and mental tension. ”


Sit on your yoga mat with your legs straight. Now bend your left knee under your right leg and bring your left foot next to your right hip. Then bend your right knee over the left and try to keep one knee over the other.

Try to put your right foot next to your left hip. Now raise your right arm above your head and bend your right elbow as you bring your right palm behind your upper back (palm facing backwards).

Just keep your left arm down and bend your elbow to bring your palm to the center of your back. Try hooking your fingers and elongating your spine. Keep your chin parallel to the floor. Hold the position for a few seconds before releasing it.

Gomukhasana is a part of Hatha yoga that helps build stability, and while it’s a great stretch, the pose calms down.

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