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Video: Check Out Malaika Arora’s Inspirational Abs Exercise

48-year-old Malaika Arora is the only actress who is frequently seen non-stop at the gym and yoga classes. Her anti-aging appearance is not only inspiring, but also motivating, as she is one hundred percent committed to achieving her fitness goals. Her fans go over her washboard abs and how she maintains good shape every day.

Malaika has positively inspired the lives of her fans, sharing three simple abs exercises on her Instagram that vouch for the ability to sculpt a perfect body in just 14 days. “The secret of good training is that it’s fun. I enjoy my training not only because it makes me feel healthier, but also because it makes me happy, ”wrote Malaika in her caption. The actress wears a gray halter neck sports bra and yoga pants and trains like a pro.

Malaika often shares her yoga asanas and workout videos to help motivate her avid followers on social media. She swears by yoga and despite no weight problems, Malaika does hardcore strength training to keep herself healthy and fit. And we think she’s doing a wonderful job at the age of 48!

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